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In February, Dot (Windacre Dippity Do Dot) started her show career and finished her championship quickly. We had a litter of 2 boys by Wallace and Jewel and at the beginning of March a litter of 3 boys by Ceinwen and Rhys.


What's with all the boys! In April, Tasha went to the Canadian WHWT Club national and was winner female and best of winners and by the end of the weekend had 9 points! May saw the beginning of bling's show career. Her first weekend she was not only best of winners but on the middle day was BOB and BPIG, Group 1 and BPIS! Not bad for 10 months! Also in May Tasha received the point she need to become a Canadian champion and Bling received her 2nd and 3 BPIG and another BPIS.


Our dear Pleasure has retired and now has a couch on Vancouver Island. Well deserved!


In May we sent a 5 month old puppy to Anne Pelizzoni in France. We hope Anne has much success with this wee girl.


It is with great sadness that we must report that at the beginning of May , we lost our wonderful deerhound, Gandalf to bone cancer. He is sorely missed. We had the opportunity to babysit a litter of deerhounds for his breeder, Lynne Bruce from day 2 to 7 weeks. From that litter we now have friends for our westies - Gretna and Luther.


The next westie to hit the show ring was Bling (Windacre Diamonds Are Forever). She finished her CH. very quickly and also received 3 best puppy in group and 2 best puppy in show all breeds and a terrier group 1st! She is back at home and hopes to become a mother in 2011.


With my dogs at home, I left for England in June. I had a wonderful time staying with Sue Thomson (Ashgate) and Jacky Ash (Hillcloud). I was just off the plane and judging at a small show near Taunton! Then we were off to Scotland and the Border Union shows. Then we packed up for the journey to Denmark and the World show! I really enjoyed seeing all the westies and meeting people I had only emailed or spoken to on the phone. My Finnish friends, Harri and Carita were there with a gift - a new mamma moomin bowl!


I use it everyday for my oatmeal! After the world show it was Windsor. I saw many beautiful westies , several who I would have liked to bring home. Great trip!


In September it was the turn of Rio (Windacre All About Rio) and Lacey (Mysticgold Windacre Legacy). Rio received 5 points his first weekend and also a best puppy in group. He finished his CH. the following weekend.


Lacey is also now a CH. and received 3 best puppy in groups. Also a half-brother to Rio, John Angus, (Windacre at Haeloganlane) became a CH. JA lives in New Brunswick with Pat Logan-Hale.


We had 2 litters in Dec. Coco (Ch.Windace in a Timely Fashion) and Rhys (Ch.Windacre White Knight) had 4 (1 male, 3 females) on the 7th and Poppet (Ch.Windacre Pride and Providence) and Rio had 5 (1 male, 4 females) on Dec. 30th which happens to be my birthday!

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