Posted by admin on December 21, 2017

The highlight of the year was hosting the Canadian West Highland White Terrier Club national specialty and my summer visit to England, where Rhumble is currently on loan.

The National took place on June 29th and we were fortunate to have Tracy and Ray Gaydon (Gilbri) from England to judge. It was wonderful to meet new westie friends and renew old aquaintances!

At the end of August it was off to England for a visit with Sue Thomson (Ashgate) and Rhumble (Ch.Windacre Ready to Rhumble). Sue had the judging assignment for westies at the World Dog Show in Finland, so we flew to Helsinki. The hospitalty of the Finnish people was out of this world! We were treated like stars!

Coming back to earth or rather England it was off to the Welsh KC shows with Rhumble. I was so pleased and excited to see him receive best dog for his first CC! You need 3 to be an English CH. English entries are about 10X our Canadian so it is more difficult especially when you have to compete against already champions! The weekend after I left he was best and breed for his 2nd CC and went on the win a Group 3rd!

I returned on Aug.18 to find Ruby had her pups the day before! There were 4 (2-2) and I have kept 2 hopefuls, Asta (Windacre Vision In White) and Kosmo (Windacre Cause and Effect).

In Nov. Rhoswen (Windacre White Rose) had her first litter by Ch.Windacre White Knight ROM. There were 3 (2 boys and 1 girl). I kept on of the boys, Gibbs (Windacre White On White) so next year should be fun!

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